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Funerals, Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Cremations


Aurindo & Gouveia Funeral Home

The mortuary agency Agência Funerária Aurindo & Gouveia Aurindo & Gouveia Lda. was founded in 1977 by José Gouveia Aurindo, but following his demise in 2005, it has been managed by family members. Thus, Vítor Manuel Gouveia Aurindo and Manuel José da Costa Aurindo are currently heading the agency with the assistance of six employees.

At Agência Funerária Aurindo & Gouveia, which primarily operates in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, you will find a family-oriented atmosphere aimed at alleviating your pain and ensuring a funeral with dignity and respect. We take care of all the documentation and other formalities, while providing you with all the necessary information during and after the funeral.

Our team, our family in fact, believes that the passing of a loved one is a sensitive moment and that, therefore, it is important to have a professional and compassionate mortuary agency at your side. In us, you will find the best support, dedication and know-how of a team that understands and knows how to deal with all the issues involved at this moment.

We are available to clear up doubts at any time of the day or night, we have a permanent service 24 hours/day, through our telephone contact.

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